Preserving the environment is an investment in America’s future. Environmental activism in the past has paid huge dividends: clean air and water that’s safe to drink; our national park system, one of the greatest in the world; the healing hole in the ozone layer. However, some politicians have chosen to deny science and close their eyes to these achievements, selling out our country’s future for short-term gain.

  • Enact a carbon tax. It’s common sense: if you tax something, you get less of it. Companies who are hurting everyone by pumping the air full of carbon need to pay for the harm they’re causing everyone else. A carbon tax will spur innovation and reward businesses that come up with innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint, while also being a good source of revenue.  

  • End the war on science. President Trump and the Republican congress have proposed deep cuts to science funding. This short-sighted policy might save money in the short run, but in the long run it would prevent essential research into health, cutting-edge energy technology, and other important innovations. We must increase funding for scientific research-- not decrease it.

  • End giveaways to polluting businesses. All of President Trump’s environmental policies share one common goal: to make it easier for big business to pollute. Californians agree that sacrificing our air and water to make rich people richer is not a good deal. Renewable energy creates jobs and keeps our environment clean. We must not subsidize fossil fuels at the expense of renewable energy.

  • Protect California from droughts. The solution to California’s water crisis is simple and has already been put into practice by countries like Australia: federal legislation that lets people buy and sell rights to water. Outside growing season for the most profitable crops, many farmers will use their water growing not-very-profitable crops, because selling their water is simply much too difficult. Creating a water market will allow people who aren’t farmers not to think about water, while farmers can easily pay to have water piped in if they need it and sell their excess water rights in the off season.